St Luke’s Academy provides opportunities for students with a variety of social, emotional, and mental health challenges to make progress academically and personally. We believe in providing all of our students with an education at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their needs and in a calm and nurturing environment. We also offer a vocational curriculum that is founded on the student’s own core skills that will help them to lead a successful adult life.

Our curriculum is engaging, creative, and dynamic in order to support our students’ learning, personal growth, and employability for the future. We want them to achieve at school, throughout their life, and in society, so we ensure that there is a range of different strategies to support all of the different learning styles of the students.

Each lesson is planned and delivered by of our exceptional and experienced teachers. They are carefully structured to enable focused teaching and tailored to meet the individual needs of the students. We understand that our students learn best when they are engaged, which is why we make every effort to design lessons that capture their interest and imagination.