At St Luke's Academy, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed, and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Buckingham - Principal

Mr S Pollok - Vice Principal

Mr T Green - Assistant Principal & Pastoral

Mr T Marks - Assistant Principal, DSL


Mrs S Lowndes - KS3 Teacher

Ms L Brake - KS3 Teacher

Mr S Willis - Design and Technology Teacher

Mr C Kent - Maths Teacher

Mr J Richards - PE Teacher

Mrs C Shaw - Art Teacher

Mrs H McGrath - English Teacher

Mr C Littlejohns - PE Teacher

Ms E Fusco - Food Teacher

Mr Michael Wolf - Science Teacher

Mr D Hubbard - Mechanics Teacher

Mrs N Jenkins - PSHE Teacher

Pastoral Team

Ms E Potter - Head of Pastoral Support & DDSL

Ms C Dougan - Head of Pastoral Support (Pastoral Manager)

Mrs S Davidson - Pastoral Manager

Mr J Jackson - Pastoral Manager

Mrs L Grieveson - Family Liaison Officer

Support Staff

Mr J Jones - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Jenkins - Teaching Assistant

Miss R Gould - Teaching Assistant

Ms R Devaney - Teaching Assistant

Administration Team

Mrs T Harvey - Student Services Officer

Ms S Heath - HR Manager


Mr A Jacobs - Premises Manager

Mr M Pollock - Handyperson


St Luke's Academy is not only a great school for pupils, it’s also a fantastic school for teachers. Working in partnership with The White Horse Federation, we offer teachers extensive support, fantastic resources, and a range of training opportunities. We welcome teachers of all experience, whether they have recently qualified or have been teaching pupils for many years. If you are interested in joining St Luke's Academy, follow the link below