At St Luke’s Academy, we have an internal careers advisor who manages and coordinates arrangements for effective careers education, information, and guidance for all of our students.

Students at St Luke’s Academy will receive:

A structured programme of careers education from years 7 to 11 through the citizenship and community team and supported through Asdan (CoPE) course.

Careers interviews with a careers advisor from year 9 upwards.

Links with the local colleges and visits to post-16 sites. -

Support with college and apprenticeship applications as well as CV writing and references. For more information please see Apprenticeships Gov website

A vocational curriculum that enables students to access and experience some of the trades available to them at college and in the world of work.

Moving forward, St Luke’s Academy will be establishing:

Career Pilot website to access various career pathways and industry opportunities, this will be used during lessons and any intervention time for our students to use to explore the world of work.

Parent zone: Parent Zone - Career Pilot

Access to careers information, which all students use in their PHSE and Asdan lessons.

Local Labour Market Intelligence

Drop-in sessions for quick queries and help with research at break and lunchtimes through the community and citizenship team.

Feedback is collated on Student Progress days from parents and students via a questionnaire and verbal feedback with students keyworkers.

Staff feedback is discussed at termly meetings, whilst employers feedback is received via an evaluation after engagement with the school/staff.

In addition to access and time with our own careers lead students have the opportunity to meet with an external Level 6 qualified careers advisor.

Review date - 12/07/2022

St Luke's Academy Careers Plan & Careers Programme 2021-22

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Work Experience

Where it is possible and appropriate, students at St Luke’s Academy have the opportunity to complete work experience. This enables students to gain skills in a real-world work environment. As well as providing an opportunity for experience to be put on a student’s CV, work experience placements help them to develop their professionalism, interpersonal skills, and their problem-solving abilities.

Work experience is an integral part of our students’ entitlement to CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance); providing a key opportunity to support students in preparing for the next stage in their education, employment or training.

Work experience gives young people insight into the world of work, encourages them to aspire to great things, and helps them to prepare for their future. It bridges the gap between school, college and work and helps young people make decisions about their future and develop new and existing skills.

The opportunity to participate in work experience is provided to all students and provision is made to allow all students to access work experience placements. Students are encouraged to find placements linked to career paths that suit their interests, skills and strengths with the absence of stereotypes, which are actively challenged.

Students with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND), or any other additional needs, will be supported appropriately through liaison with parents and relevant staff i.e. the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and the placement provider.

Work Experience should:

  • Enhance students’ knowledge of the world of work
  • Develop students’ employability skills
  • Provide an insight into the skills, qualities and attitudes required by particular sectors and employers
  • Provide opportunities for personal and social development – including self-confidence, time management, personal organisation and resilience
  • Help prepare students for the world of work
  • Enable students to make cross-curricular links
  • Support the School’s CEIAG provision
  • Provide students with an opportunity for self-evaluation


The opportunity for a one day a week work experience placement is offered to all year 10 students in Terms 3 or 4, however, some students might access additional work experience placements during year 11.

When organising work experience placements we currently use CSW to help make these selections and to ensure all health and safety requirements are met. For more information please see CSW website

Careers Lead:
Scott Pollok
[email protected]
01793 705566