“A recipe for employability”

Students will have the opportunity to cook in a fully equipped catering kitchen wearing full chef’s whites.

In year 10 students will complete level 2 food hygiene certificate, some of the things we will cover include- looking at the laws, different types of bacteria, pest control, germs status, what personal protective equipment is and the importance of it.

The level 2 certificate needs renewing every 3 years. Some past students have used this to work in cafes, pubs as glass collector, restaurants as waiters and in McDonalds, so this gives good employability options.

Year 11 students will complete a level 1 vocational qualification using knowledge embedded in KS3 and their food hygiene certificate. We will visit other hospitality establishments to help gain information and this opens windows of work experience opportunities.

In our amazing fully equipped commercial kitchen students have the opportunity to experience life in a kitchen like a chef! This starts from wearing the correct PPE with all students having their own whites to wear!

Students study the Food Hygiene Level 2 certification in Year 10 which not only a fantastic qualification that last for 3 years and enables students to helps students embed on the health and safety and using commercial equipment there's an online test at the end of the course which credits them for 3 years . Previous students have used this qualification to work in hospitality establishments. This is followed by a level 1 catering skills qualification, during the course we will visit establishments which opens opportunities for work experience.
This course entails practical demonstrating but also explaining why, using previous embed knowledge from KS3 and our food hygiene certification. We experience cooking under pressure like a real life busy kitchen and have been cooking three course meals.