It is an absolute privilege to have been the Principal at St Luke’s Academy for two years now.

My staff and I have been on a journey to transform what was an underperforming school into something great and what an incredible journey it has been!

I am absolutely delighted and incredibly proud that we have now been officially recognised and judged by OFSTED to be a ‘GOOD’ school.

Our inspection took place on the 6th and 7th of July and it gives me real pleasure to share this fantastic news with everyone, particularly at a time when the benchmark for ‘GOOD’ is at the highest level it has ever been.

To receive this new judgement in the space of only two years, with all the additional challenges we have had to face in that time really is a truly monumental achievement.

I am delighted that Inspectors clearly acknowledged the journey of improvement made at St Luke’s and the hard work undertaken by the staff at the school, support and commitment of our parents, carers, students, and the wider Trust community.

Senior leaders have established a new and strong vision for St Luke’s school. The trust, school leaders and staff all share its values. These have brought about a transformation of the school in a short period of time. (OFSTED 2022)

The report highlighted many aspects of the of provision we have put in place at St Luke’s. I will share a few of the acknowledgements here but the full report is on our website and on the OFSTED website.

‘Pupils enjoy attending the school. They say that it has improved over the last two years.’

‘Pupils value the rewards systems, and these motivate them to behave well.’

‘Leaders have introduced a new curriculum and now have high expectations of pupils.’

‘Pupils feel safe in the school. Bullying is rare and dealt with quickly and well.’

‘Incidents of poor behaviour are rare and managed with skill and care.’

‘Staff work well together. There is a strong sense of community centred on the learn

ing and wellbeing of the pupils.’

‘Leaders have created a calm and happy school.’

‘Leaders have re-designed the curriculum to be ambitious for all pupils.’

‘Reading is a high priority at the school. Tutor times have a focus on reading for all.’

‘Leaders have reached out to work with families and the community. This is building close relationships and a good reputation for the school.’

‘Staff now feel a real sense of pride in working at the school.’

‘Staff teach pupils how to behave well, to be tolerant and kind to others.’

‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.’

‘The school has well-organised systems for managing safeguarding.’

‘Training is well organised, up to date and matched to the needs of the school.’

We are a staff team who are relentless in our drive to improve all aspects of our school’s work and have already written a new School Development Plan which with everybody’s support and commitment will ensure that St Luke’s Academy now begins its next journey towards Outstanding!