St Luke’s Academy is a secondary special school designated for students with social, emotional, and mental health needs (SEMH). We are a welcoming school that fosters a happy and caring atmosphere that allows our students to feel comfortable and strive to achieve.

St Luke's is also a fantastic place to teach. All of our staff are given the resources, training, and support they need to deliver the first-class education that our students deserve.

At St Luke’s Academy, our aim is to enable our students to become confident and independent young people who are clear in their purpose and have a skill set that will enable them to navigate the modern world safely.

St Luke’s Academy is on a journey toward becoming an organisation that supports its students through a therapeutic approach, enabling them to become independent young people who are able to regulate their emotions and make informed choices about their own future. The journey focuses on this change being a transformational one; one that will bring about permanent change and improvement through education and support. This will not be a quick fix or one that papers over
cracks, but one that brings about permanent and positive change for everyone within the St Luke’s community.

To enable this to happen, since September 2018, there has been many changes in the curriculum and the focus of the whole school ethos. The curriculum has been divided into four strands to meet every element of our students’ needs. Strands one and two come under the heading of 'Curriculum for Employability', whereas strands three and four come under the heading 'Curriculum for Social Capital'.

Strand one enables our students to pursue an academic route in the traditional fields of maths and English.

Strand two provides vocational opportunities in fields such as mechanics and catering, whilst supporting the development of employability skills such as teamwork and resilience.

Strand three develops the social and employability skills of the students with the aim that they are in a position to, and have the skill set to, work independently within further education and employment when they leave St Luke’s Academy.

Strand four centres around the health and wellbeing of our students. It provides the students with sporting opportunities each day and education about healthy living. It sits alongside a newly employed therapeutic team who work alongside our students to support their social, emotional, and mental health needs.

The four strands aim to meet the needs of each student as they grow through their time at St Luke’s Academy by supporting every element of the students’ development. We want our students to be able to make independent and informed choices that will keep them safe and enable them to fulfil their potential.

We firmly believe that our academy belongs to all of us, and that we all have a vital part to play in the development and wellbeing of the students that attend the academy. We all strive to bring out the best in our students and secure the best opportunities for them all to enjoy the brightest future.

We invite you to join us in making your child’s future bright by helping us to make them realise their potential and become the very best they can be. We are really looking forward to working with you and your child as we progress on our journey together.