St Luke's Academy have an aspirational learning environment with high expectations for all students' behaviour and conduct. These high expectations are mutually understood and applied consistently and fairly; which will be evidenced in student's behaviour and attitudes towards learning.

At St Luke’s Academy, we pride ourselves in our exceptional and passionate pastoral team. They are always on hand to provide excellent pastoral support to our students – this could be through a planned and targeted intervention or by offering support to resolve an immediate need that has arisen. Within the Academy, we have a number of pastoral hubs where our students can self-refer if they need support or where a student can be directed to regulate their behaviour. This inclusive and caring learning environment is a support space where our students can work on their individual needs.

Our Pastoral Team

Assistant Principal of Behaviour and Attitudes – Mr T. Green

Pastoral Lead & DDSL – Miss E Potter

Pastoral Manager – Miss C Dougan

Pastoral Manager – Mrs S Davidson

At St Luke’s, we aim for each student “to be the best I can be” by providing a holistic approach to education. We understand that a child with SEMH needs will use their behaviour as a form of communication and we use a range of therapeutic and academic interventions to support a culture where they are able to flourish and reach their true potential. These include 1:1 pastoral intervention, therapy, trailblazer group therapy, forest schools, and our therapy dog as well as access to many others depending on the individual’s needs. Our expertly trained staff have a wealth of knowledge when working with and supporting our students, regardless of their additional needs.

Our high staff to student ratio, enables us to build positive relationship with our students. At St Luke’s, we put great pride in the importance of tutor groups. Students meet in tutor time twice daily: at the start of the day with a rolling programme of Literacy and Numeracy interventions and the afternoon session in which daily scores are discussed and achievements celebrated. Tutor teams are the bridge between school and home. We know that education works best if parents and carers are fully involved in their children’s learning through regular contact with teachers and tutors as well as other key staff. That is why our tutors and pastoral staff will create a personal relationship with a student and their family. We see parents and carers as partners in learning; this approach helps us inspire and motivate each student and means that all staff can be more effective.

Therapeutic support at St Luke’s Academy

The pastoral team provides an enormous range of support systems and structures for the young people at St Luke’s Academy. This extends to our school therapist, who provides individual 1-2-1 sessions for some students who require it.

We have individual time-tabled sessions that provide an opportunity for the young people to explore thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences, during which they will be acknowledged, and reflected back to them.

We have developed a personalised response to our multi staged therapeutic support for students at St Luke’s. Please see our staged approach:

As well as extensive support within school, St Luke's academy also use external intervention support from a range of different services and charities. Two of our support providers are 'Iprovefit' and 'Best'. They mentor and guide students through a variety of sporting activities.