“SMSC and PSHE is … the training of good human beings, purposeful and wise, themselves with a vision of what it is to be human and the kind of society that makes that possible.”


The community and citizenship strand of the curriculum is a new and exciting way of presenting students with opportunities to grow as humans. Through the use of in-class teaching and activities, outdoor education, and inviting speakers in to share, students are encouraged to share their personal beliefs and values. They are also challenged to consider why they believe what they believe and how their views affect both their actions and their view of the world around them.

We cover a wide range of topics that come under the umbrella of personal, social, and health education (PSHE). We believe that the teaching of PSHE is paramount because it allows for the education and nurture of the whole child in a safe and supportive environment. Because of this, our pupils feel happy and are able to share their views and also have them challenged.

We believe that our teaching of PSHE is particularly valuable to the many students who have had limited developmental opportunities in their previous educational and home environments.

The whole approach used at St Luke’s Academy focuses on students taking responsibility for their own personal, social, and health issues. We endeavour to prepare all pupils for their life within their community and society, in general, by the time they leave.

The curriculum comprises of the following units:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Relationships.
  • Living in the wider world.