“Cooking up a recipe of success “

In year 7, during our food technology lessons, the students will learn about the importance of health and safety in the kitchen and begin to develop their skills in chopping, mixing, baking, and grating. They will learn about food around the world, experimenting with stereotypical foods from the countries culture. Students will also be taught about the functions of key ingredients and make predictions on what will happen, being little scientists. E.G- how heat changes the structure of an egg. Students will be assessed in the practical element against core skills, building on these skills will support catering as an option in year 10

In year 8, students will begin by looking at a balanced diet, portions, and the functions nutrients have on our bodies.  We will look at different dietary requirements that can affect eating habits and investigate severe reactions to food including anaphylaxis. This also includes babies the elderly and pregnant women. Students will spend time tasting and evaluating the different foods, identifying packaging, and learning how to be aware of food labels. We will look at traditional recipes and make changes to modify them. Students like this topic as they get to put their own stamp on a recipe being creative and experimenting with flavours.  Students will be assessed in the practical element against core skills, building on these skills will support catering as an option in year 10 

Year 9 will be getting ready for option picking looking at criteria, chunking down coursework questions. Students will use their knowledge of topics in year 7 and 8 to build on and complete the tasks set in the modules. These topics will also gain vital life skills for students as they look, at budgeting, entertaining, how to plan a party, how shops use tricks of the trade to mislead customers.

Modules Include-

Healthy Eating, Food Preparation and Presentation, Cooking on a Budget, Entertaining

The food industry, Practical cooking skills.

In Year 7 fundamental cooking skills are developed which are needed to implement practical cookery. These skills are a vital life skills which some of our students haven't had previous experience of before. Using sensory analysis to describe foods and focussing on safety in using the kitchen environment.

Year 8's focus is embedding knowledge from Yr7 and the importance of a balanced diet and different dietary needs. Within practical session students develop their independence in following a recipe and modelling these skills to our peers competently.

In Year 9 all previous skills and knowledge are embedded, following the ASDAN food wise scheme, in preparation for students to consider KS4 option choices. This course will identify if catering is the right choice pathway for them as a career whilst picking up vital life skills on budgeting meals and cheap takeaway/fakeaway ideas!!