“Design is intelligence made visible.”

At St Luke's Academy, our design and technology curriculum focuses on resistant materials (Wood, Metal and Plastic). This teaches students how to use resources effectively to produce functional, high-quality products. Consisting of a series of projects of increasing difficulty, designed to develop the students' ability to manipulate materials, and challenge themselves to create more and more complex objects. The lessons help students gain that knowledge and confidence by including a mix of theory, design work and practical content that encourages independence and resilience.

Design & Technology Curriculum


During year 7 and 8, students will make decisions about the use of materials, tools, and equipment for a planned piece of work involving shaping, joining, finishing, and evaluating their final product. In doing so, students will study presentation skills, technical design skills, characteristics and properties of metals, timbers, and thermoplastics as well as industrial processes and the reasons why one process is more suited to a product than another. At KS3, students design and manufacture a range of products using the design cycle as starting points. This includes bug houses, elastic band powered cars, steampunk lamps, pewter casting, inlaid decorative boxes, and many other products that will inspire the students

In year 9, pupils extend their study to include more challenging techniques in preparation for the qualifications offered at KS4.


At KS4, the two-year programme of study in Construction aims to develop our students' skills and knowledge further by completing a variety of projects, each containing knowledge and skills from a 'construction' area. Common topics include, carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying and painting & decorating. The students will complete a series of assignment tasks and products to provide evidence to the exam board of the quality of their work. Upon completion of the course the students would have sufficient experience and knowledge to either further their education at college, or begin an apprenticeship.

An excellent resource for both KS3 and KS4 is technology student.