Our Vision

At St Luke’s Academy we are dedicated to enabling every student to be prepared for a successful adult life.

Our intention is to equip them with the skills they need to contribute positively to society.

We endeavour to be responsive to the needs of each student but uncompromising in expectation.

“To be the best I can be"

Our Values

  • Respect: Having regard for the feelings of others and admiration for someone because of their qualities and achievements
  • Kindness: Being generous, helpful or caring to others
  • Perseverance: To keep trying to achieve success even when things are really difficult

At St Luke’s, we:

  • Develop self-awareness, resilience, motivation, and self-confidence to promote exceptional learning, aspiration, and achievement.
  • Enable students to develop the skills they need to make positive choices and become valued members of society.
  • Meet the individual needs of students through a range of creative activities in a safe environment.

A brand-new, innovative curriculum that meets the individual needs of the students is central to our provision. This includes a wide range of professionals working together to improve the life chances of students.

As a school, we will:

  • Offer industry-standard vocational learning while implementing individual packages for those students who can achieve in more traditional subject areas.
  • Have an onsite family support centre and welcome parents and carers to obtain support for themselves and their children to engage positively with education.
  • Ensure students have access to therapies as appropriate.
  • Support staff with supervision and wellbeing sessions.
  • Be an inclusive and trauma-informed organisation. This means external exclusion only as a last resort; staff and students working together to ensure school is a safe place for all, and outstanding behaviour support.
  • Be the school of choice for parents and carers, and the LA for students with SEMH needs.
  • Provide training across Swindon and support mainstream schools with students to prevent exclusion and unnecessary entry to St Luke’s.
  • Provide a post-16 provision for those who are not ready to leave us at the end of year 11 in the future.

The result will be that all our students are employable. They will achieve relevant qualifications, be equipped with strategies to manage their emotions and barriers, and have opportunities to work in our community and understand the true meaning of citizenship.

St Luke's is now a Kind School, please click here to learn more about this.