“Mechanics is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man.”

Within mechanics, our students will have an exciting opportunity to learn and practice everything from health and safety matters and cycle maintenance to the fundamental workings of a combustion engine.
All of our students will have the opportunity to learn the concept of motor vehicle repair, including welding and the braking system, as well as servicing. Resulting in students being able to achieve an ABC Level 1 qualification in Motor Vehicle Studies.

The curriculum in mechanics has been sequenced from Yr 7 to 11 so that the skills learnt can be built upon and transferred between different forms of transport.

In Yr 7/8 students will have a prime opportunity to learn around cycle bikes. From repairing punctures, to carrying out servicing and repairs.

Then in Yr 8/9 within these years students will have a fantastic opportunity to start to learn around go karts this will include an introduction into combustion engine, braking and suspension units. Most importantly students will take an active role in carrying out weekly safety checks and running repairs to the school go karts.

Finally in Yr 10/11 Using the skills they have gained previously students will be involved in all aspects of motor vehicle repair, to include welding, suspension, servicing, braking systems… the list goes on! Resulting in our students achieving the Level 1 qualification which gives them the best possible start of a career within the vehicle motor trade and to go onto to College to study a Level 2 course.

ABC Awards level 1 Certificate in motor vehicle studies Credits 24




Health and Safety for Motor Vehicle Studies H/501/7005




Introduction to Engine Liquid Cooling and Engine Lubrication Systems A/501/7012




Introduction to Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition Fuel Systems F/501/7013




Introduction to Battery and Lighting Systems L/501/7015




Introduction to Steering and Suspension R/501/7016




Introduction to Vehicle Braking Systems Y/501/7017




Introduction to Vehicle Inspection D/501/7018




Introduction to Customer Care D/501/7021




Introduction to Vehicle Valeting J/501/7028