Whilst school is the best place to learn for most children, in some cases due to students experiencing difficulty accessing education, it might be felt that an alternative provision would support the student better. Through alternative provision students are able to access high quality off-site tutoring to meet their varied and complex needs. Alternative provision can be used to prevent exclusions and has the intent to re-engage students in their education, whether this is a return to school or the next stage of their education.

Expectations towards students attendance and behaviour whilst on Alternative Provision are the same as at school. Students will primarily focus on Maths and English, often completing the same work as students on-site, however, can be adapted and greater support provided. Students are expected to achieve functional skills and/or GCSE qualifications in Maths and English and where possible vocational qualifications as well.

At St. Luke's Academy we are please to work in partnership with the following AP providers who support our students:

In-Tuition Learning

Swindon Tuition Centre