St Luke’s has embarked on creating a robust outdoor education curriculum that is designed to build self-confidence, independence, and the belief that we can achieve anything if we try. This is where our year 7’s to year 9’s starts their journey that could lead them to a woodland management qualification with endless possibilities.

Each student is given the opportunity to use knives, axes, and other sharp tools to make and shape wooden items and develop skills that they never knew that had, with some amazing outcomes.
At the end of year 9 each student is equipped to make an informed decision whether or not to choose woodland management and gain a Level 1 Environmental Conservation and Heritage qualification.

This qualification has been sequenced from year 7 to 11 so that each student will get the opportunity to build on experience gained from the previous year whilst building strength to develop their fine motor skills.

The completion of the qualification could lead to an exciting opportunity to work for organisation such as woodland trust, forestry commission, wildlife trust and local council rangers to name a few, taking this further some students could follow a path that might see them working as forestry managers after completing a degree in forestry or botany to help improve the health of the country’s woodlands.