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World Book Day Term 4 Week 2

9 March 2021
World Book Day Term 4 Week 2

Exploring the work of David Walliams.

Gangsta Granny was our chosen book. Kelsie was able to quote the book, describing the importance of the chocolate box whereas Corey was able to use a thesaurus to find powerful words for his acrostic poem.
Emotional literacy session was had with the year 8s -who were able to discuss how they felt with / without grandparents during Covid lockdown.

In each session, we were discussing the book and listening to the audio read by David Walliams himself.

Some of the fun tasks completed were:

  1. ringing grandparents to check how they are
  2. creating acrostic kindness poems
  3. making Gangsta Granny potatoes
  4. writing letters to grandparents
  5. describing characters
  6. dressing up as Grannies to try and manoeuvre the assault course with a Zimmer frame

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