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Positive Comments from our School Community - September

23 September 2020

Positive comments - September

Kyle’s mum is pleased he has settled into school and shocked he is doing so well as he had anxieties over school before. He comes home with a smile on his face and is excited to share his day with mum. (reported by teacher)

Evan’s mum said Evan is now really enjoying school and her opinion has changed as relatives attended St Luke’s years ago and had a bad experience. (reported by teacher)

I've just had a long telephone chat with Evan's mum, as I didn't get an answer earlier. She's really pleased with the way things have gone and says, 'he hasn't come home grumpy or moaning once since starting at St Luke's!' She said it was very different at his last school, and she had been worried that he wouldn't get on well with us. (reported by TA)

I spoke to Tyrese's mum today, and she said that the when he came home after the first day back at school he was angry about everybody and all the new rules, but she felt that had more to do with him than us. She says that he is much happier with school now and looking forward to coming back in. (reported by TA)

While helping with the go-karting at morning break, I was approached by two members of the public who were dog-walking in the field adjacent to ours. They told me how lovely it was to see the children enjoying themselves. One said, "those children have faced so many problems and challenges, it’s great that you do something like this for them!” I explained that they have to earn full points in their lessons to be allowed on the go-karts, and they thought that was a really good idea. They also remarked how patiently the children were waiting for their turn. They were talking to me as the change-over between younger and older pupils was happening, and they were impressed that the first group went straight in when asked. It was so good to hear positive comments about St Luke’s from the public. (reported by TA)

During a conversation with Kayden parents on the phone call phone today, she mentioned on several occasions how much Kayden was looking forward to coming back to school tomorrow. Which is great as in previous schools he has had very little engagement. (reported by teacher)

Jack has mentioned that he feels so much happier in his lessons. He feels he is now able to learn without distractions. (reported by pastoral staff)

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