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Physical Education Class Update Term 1 Week 5

2 October 2020

Another successful week in Physical Education this week with lots of engagement and demonstration of the school values.

A couple of examples that come to mind this week are:

During a Year 9 class during a break in play students were at the board discussing how, when and where we have used the key words, one student said that he had used Perseverance as he kept on trying the more difficult throwing techniques for several lessons although he was struggling with them and now he can use the more advance throwing techniques he feels proud. We then celebrated this and tied it to the school Values which was a lovely moment.

During a Year 10 class this week students really engaged in the learning outcome for the lesson and being able to articulate their answers with reasoning which was excellent to see. We summarised the lesson over by the board and all the students were feeding back what techniques the used in certain situations, what key words they used and why they used them. This was something last year we could only dream of! At the very end I had signed the score cards and praised students for such a fantastic lesson. Students had lined up and were just leaving when Josh Smith came over to me and said " Sir I just wanted to say I really loved that lesson, thank you." Of course I told him he was very welcome and praised him again for being a superstar in the lesson as I gave him a manners matters ticket. I just wanted to pass this on as it was a beautiful moment.

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