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Mental Health Week

21 May 2021
Mental Health Week

The outdoors and how it impacts on our mental health.

Whether you're walking for fitness, taking a nature walk, bird spotting or even just fishing, being in touch with nature and the outdoors can lift your mood a great deal! It can be interesting and refreshing, and an excellent escape from the stresses of everyday life. During COVID 19 times, nature has been incredibly beneficial to not only adults, but children as well.

Many people claim that even just taking a walk can boost their mood, morale, attitude and their mental state altogether! For millions of years, people have been connected with nature for their wellbeing and survival, which is a large part of why it is still so important to this day!

Being connected to nature and the great outdoors is so helpful because it can help regulate your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, produce stress relieving chemicals in your brain and help relieve tension in your muscles. Therefore helping to relieve anxiety and mild depression. This can also have an intense impact on your mental health as it makes you feel happier and healthier. Spending time in nature can also make you feel less angry or fearful, and can be incredibly helpful when dealing with any anxiety or stress.

Mental health is a rising issue in this day and age, and sometimes, a breath of fresh air can really go a long way! Why not set yourself a challenge to walk three times a week. You could record how you feel before and after.

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