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Good News Story - Term 3 Week 1

7 January 2021
Good News Story - Term 3 Week 1

TJ came into school and informed me that due to him playing basketball at school he has become very interested in the sport and received Christmas present because of his positive interest.

His mum has said that he has being playing with his new basketball that he got for Christmas non-stop. His basketball hoop is being built which means he will be able to practice more and become even better. TJ and his mum are so happy that basketball was taught on the PE curriculum. TJ will always come to sport at break and lunch to see if basketball is being played so that he gets some practice and one day beat Mr J Jones in a 1 on 1. He will always challenge himself by asking people to play against him who are in the older year groups in the school.

I was proud to hear this from TJ. He has improved so much in sport this year already and we are only in term 3.

Hope you enjoy hearing this as much as i did.

Joel Jones

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