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Good News PE Class Update Term 1 Week 7

15 October 2020
Good News PE Class Update Term 1 Week 7

In sport this term we have been learning about frisbee.

The amount of improvement throughout the school has been superb. But we have had one student show a massive amount of improve. Archie Lockey is that student. His level of commitment to improving his skills has been amazing. He started off the term explaining to Mr M Jones and myself (Mr J Jones) that he couldn’t throw a frisbee. Now by the end of the term he is a key member when it comes to matches at the end of lesson.

During the lesson we have also been having group discussions about leadership in sport and in life. Archie has been engaging in these discussions. Archie has started to also show the leadership skills that we have talked about in the lesson. He encourages his teammates, talks tactics with his team, gives advice to his teammates on where they should run so that they can score points for their team.

Archie has been our standout student not only this week but for the whole term. He has shown that he has got the potential to be an amazing sportsman at this school.

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