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Funky Sock Friday Term 2 Week 2

16 November 2020
Funky Sock Friday Term 2 Week 2

Last year alone there was 14,000 children living in poverty in Swindon.

Children in Need plays a vital role in supporting those children getting everything they need from a bed to sleep in, to food on their tables.

Every year Children in Need have their big November appeal. It's a time where people across the UK do all sorts of fundraising events such as cake sales, sponsored silences along with many other events to try and raise money.

This year has been particularly difficult for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic which is compounded there to be an even greater need for the support of the children than there has been in previous years.

With that in mind that will not stop us doing our bit!

So today, at St Luke's we have took part in Funky Sock Friday. Students and staff alike got the chance to be involved in the fundraising aspect, by giving a small donation to wear any kind of funky sock they can think of.

And what a success it has been! The participation from everyone at St Luke's Academy has been amazing from both staff and students. With all the struggles that many people have had to face it just shows that together we can make a difference to support those in need.

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