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Forest School Class Update Term 5 Week 6

1 June 2021
Forest School Class Update Term 5 Week 6

It’s been an interesting term since seeing new students and old faces return after lockdown.

We have continued to explore and look at nature but our focus has been on planning, preparation and perseverance.

Using tasks like lighting a fire to make a hot drink, or whittling a spoon we have looked at the importance of planning and preparation and have seen how this applies to life now and in the future.

Knowing that you have to be prepared and how that makes life easier has really impacted our students, with some who start the lesson with an “I can’t” attitude and seeing them leave with an “I can” state of mind has been truly rewarding, all this has been achieved with good planning, perseverance that leads to better preparation and ultimately a successful completion of tasks..

These tiny but important adjustments to how we do things has impacted attitude and helped develop a positive mental attitude for most of us and helped our enjoyment of the outside world.

Our woodland year 11’s have completed their work and can leave with the knowledge that all things are possible if you try and stretch yourself and push the boundaries of what is possible.

In the next term we are looking forward to building on what we have already accomplished, this will be establishing new skills and increasing our knowledge of green wood working and understanding our natural environment more clearly and how we can help impact positive change in our lives.

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