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English Class Update Term 1 Week 5

2 October 2020

In English we have been thinking about descriptive writing and how to hook our readers in.

This week students wrote descriptive openers about a sweet shop, using a variety of sentence openers and 'WOW' vocabulary.

"My heart is thudding inside my chunky fat filled body. The adrenalin is rushing throughout my veins, and it's all because I can already taste the exotic sweets and chocolates at the edge of my nose, as I leap with excitement outside the notorious Town Sweet Shop. Without any hesitation I sprinted as quickly as possible through the tower like door and my jaw instantly dropped. Vibrant colours and intense smells violently consumed by body with heavenly goodness." (Callum Y11)

"I would soon be inside. Amazingly, I could already smell the wonderful, delicious and powerful smells coming from the sweets. My mouth was watering and my face was going red with excitement. I couldn't take my eyes away from the window." (Mason Y10)

"Soon I would be in one of the most magical places on Earth. I could smell the heavenly aroma of sweet, boy did it bring joy to my face. It was like I was dreaming, every step closer I got more and more excited. I couldn't think straight. All of the sweets looked like one big rainbow. All of a sudden, I froze as I saw my favourite sweet. It was called the 'Big Boy Rainbow' because it had six different colours." (Jack Y9)

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