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Class Update: Woodland Management, DT, Construction, and Forest School

10 September 2020

In Woodland Management, students have been learning about hazard awareness, assessing risks and keeping safe, including the use of PPE.

Once there understanding is secure, we can begin using hand tools to coppice hazel on a Wiltshire byway with the kind permission of a local farmer (who, as it happens used to be a governor of St. Luke's).

In Construction, students have also been learning about health and safety. They have also learned how to measure and mark up wood accurately, how to use a tri-square to mark right angles and how to cut wood safely and accurately.

In DT, Year 9 have been learning, in some detail the design process: looking at a design problem, a design brief and a specification. They have also created mood boards in readiness for making a retro style game.

In Forest School, using our onsite area, students have been looking closely at the natural world to discover extraordinary things. Do you know what a drupelet is?

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