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Catering and Food Technology Class Update Term 6 Week 1

8 June 2021
Catering and Food Technology Class Update Term 6 Week 1

With the hot weather approaching keeping hydrated is important!

We have been investigating sugar content in drinks and healthy alternatives.

Milkshakes, fizzy pop, energy drinks are some of the students' favourites. But when it came to looking at the sugar content and health risks the students were keen to try alternatives.

We found out that a 380ml bottle of Lucozade contained 48g of sugar, a small chocolate milkshake contained 36g, and a small glass of fruit juice, 12g. Flavoured Energy drinks contain between 12-21 teaspoons of sugar depending on the brand! We weighed out the sugar as a visual and it was shocking!

Students admitted having numerous portions of these and experiencing tooth problems. Emma Fusco explained to them what are the benefits of calcium and fluoride for our teeth and that these are provided from water and milk.

Making homemade fruit juices or smoothies is a good way to get some of your vitamins and boost your 5 a day. You can also replace a fizzy pop with soda water or sparkling water, drink smoothies instead of milkshakes, pick a no added sugar squash, and choose semi skimmed milk instead of full fat.

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