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Assessment Week Update Term 1 Week 7

20 October 2020
Assessment Week Update Term 1 Week 7

The word assessment can be a sensitive topic, however, it is the way in which the education system in England is based upon.

Therefore, it is really important that our students, who have previously had limited exposure to assessments, have the opportunities to experience this within a safe and supportive environment.

During this week students at St. Luke’s Academy have been completing assessments in each subject to demonstrate what they have learnt this term. There has been some excellent work produced and with the feedback provided by staff, students will be able to continue to learn and correct any misunderstandings they might have.

Well done everyone and continue to try your best in future assessments. As Aristotle said - “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then , is not an act, but a habit”. It is this repetitiveness of assessments will build confidence, self-esteem and how to handle the pressure of test, which will hold students in good stead for external examinations in the future.

Examples of assessments this week:

KS4 Mechanics – students completing periodic maintenance inspections

Student becoming the teacher – Lacie (Year 8) having mastered Roman Numerals then taught Miss Danby and even made a worksheet for her to complete to assess learning!!

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