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St Luke's Academy belongs to a Strategic group of the Special Schools within the White Horse Federation and the Chair of this group is Philippa Dancey.
In the interim, whilst the new Local Governing Body is established, if you need to contact the Chair of Governors in relation to issues at St Luke's, please contact Mrs Dancey on [email protected].


The governance of a multi-academy trust differs from those of maintained schools. The White Horse Federation (TWHF) believes that placing statutory responsibilities firmly at its centre, in the remit of the board of trustees, allows the local governing board (LGB) to focus on providing support, overcoming challenges in the delivery of educational excellence, and achieving outstanding outcomes for all pupils.

There are direct channels of communication between the principal and the LGB chair and central services. The clerk to the board of trustees will hold contact details for all members of LGBs within TWHF. However, routine communication for day-to-day school business should come from the chair of that LGB, managed by the school or through an LGB clerk, if such a position is deemed necessary.

The principal and the chair of the LGB are responsible for ensuring the quality and timely distribution of all material needed to keep members well-informed about the school and TWHF. The principal and the chair are also responsible for ensuring the views of the LGB are well communicated to the board of trustees. This can be done via the elected chair’s representative on the board of trustees. Senior executives from TWHF will be nominated by the CEO to sit on an LGB. Trustees reserve the right to attend any LGB meeting.

The White Horse Federation has a very clear and shared understanding of what constitutes good and effective governance. Schools within TWHF will be judged to have outstanding governance when members of the LGB:

  1. Talk about teaching and learning.
  2. Know a great deal about the school and its community.
  3. Are ambitious for the school and its community.
  4. Ask questions which make colleagues reflect, and that these discussions lead to delivering the very best outcomes for every child and adult within the school community.
  5. Maintain strong and effective relationships within TWHF.

In order for the shared model of governance to be effective for TWHF and the schools, it is essential that there is effective communication between the board of trustees, the LGBs, chairs groups, principals, the central team, and the executive leadership team.

Current Local Governors 2022-23 & Attendance Records 2021-22

NameGovernor TypeRole

Declaration of Intrest

Term Beginning

Term Termination Meetings Attendance
Jane Boulton
Co-opted GovernorChairNA22/02/202121/02/20252 of 2 Meetings
Judith BuckinghamPrincipal Principal TWHF Employee15/01/2020NA2 of 2 Meetings
Laura BrakeStaff (Teaching) GovernorNATWHF Employee01/04/202231/03/20262 of 2 Meetings
Christine GreogoryParent GovernorNATWHF Parent 17/10/202216/10/2026NA
Sarah HeathStaff (Support) GovernorNATWHF Employee17/10/202216/10/2026NA
Charlie SutcliffeParent Governor NATWHF Parent17/10/202216/10/2026NA

Previous Governors

Samantha Hinton - Left 08/11/2022 (Meetings Attended 0 of 2)

Shakira West-Morland - Left 08/11/2022 (Meetings Attended 2 of 2)

Ray Williams - Left 08/11/2022 (Meetings Attended 0 of 2)

Josie Cooper - Left 08/11/2022 (Meetings Attended 1 of 2)

Rachel Davies - Left 08/11/2022 (Meetings Attended 0 of 2)

The White Horse Federation Local Governing Body

Each school has its own local governing body (LGB). The chair of each LGB will also sit on a collective group of similar chairs, from which one representative will be elected and then co-opted onto the board of trustees. This process will be repeated every two years, thus affording new chairs the opportunity to be similarly elected.

TWHF board of trustees has clearly identified the areas of responsibility that they delegate to the LGBs. Although not in any way legally responsible, and not itself accountable for the statutory functions, the LGB has an important role to play in assisting the school to operate effectively in line with the wishes of TWHF board of trustees as communicated to the LGB.

To learn more, visit The White Horse Federation website.

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